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Purpose of the development: Ukrainian scientists have developed a hemostatic (hemostatic) medical device "Krovospas" allows you to quickly stop the blood loss without the need to pull the wound wiring

Recommended application field: The tool is very demanded in military medicine, when almost every second case of death associated with blood loss In addition, "Krovospas" can be widely applied in peacetime, particularly in emergency medicine, emergency room, trauma and surgery.

Advantages over analogues: His capabilities are not inferior to domestic development in the world of popular CELOX (UK) and QuikSlot Combat Gauz (USA), and the price is several times cheaper than the reduced counterparts.

The development stage readiness: Ready for application

Description of the development:
"Krovospas" is a tool that allows you to quickly stop the blood loss. It is based - carrier impregnated composition hemostatic agents, each of which has its own function. Their net effect allows almost instantly stop the bleeding, giving the body a signal of damage to blood vessels and causing hemostatic effect - stop the blood. All components exhibit synergistic effects, provide a cooperative effect, i.e. They reinforce each other. The new facility retains its properties, the package tightness and sterility during storage, transport, use in harsh environments (-40 to +50 degrees Celsius with humidity greater than 95%). It has radiopaque properties allowing to show agent or fragments thereof, if they are left in the wound. The funds will be available in different forms - napkins, bandages, tampons, pads, etc. It has passed all clinical tests and is ready for registration. Type of partner sought - manufacturer to sign an agreement on production. Start of production is about 1 million euros.

Information about newness of the development:
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Ready for implementation

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