To customers

At the request of the customer, the Institute conducts the organization and conducting of scientific and scientific-technical expertise:

  • innovative projects;
  • projects and programs of informatization;
  • scientific, scientific and technical proposals, programs and projects;
  • research and development activities;
  • other objects of expertise at the request of the customer.

Expertise is carried out by highly skilled scientific workers, employees of research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences, other academies and higher educational institutions (academicians and correspondent members, doctors and candidates of sciences).

The results of expert studies are executed in the form of experts' conclusions, on the basis of which the general conclusion of the expertise is drawn up and approved by the director of the Institute. After that, the general conclusion of the expertise is entered in the register of the conducted expertise and transferred to the customer with the signing of the act of acceptance.


Consultations by phone:

Tel. + 38 (044) 521-00-22,

+38 (044) 521-09-60



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