Purpose NRAT


National Repository - a nationally distributed electronic database, which collects, stores and systematizes academic texts.

The purpose of the National Repository is to promote the development of educational, scientific, technical and innovation activities by improving access to academic texts and promoting academic integrity.

The National Repository consists of a central repository (supported by the National Repository Manager) and local repositories (supported by institutional participants).

NRAT includes the following types of academic texts in electronic form:

  • theses for obtaining scientific degrees and abstracts of dissertations;
  • qualifying final works of higher education graduates;
  • articles in scientific publications, including all articles (a set of articles), on the basis of which protection a scientific degree has been awarded;
  • monographs, including those on the basis of which protection a scientific degree has been awarded;
  • scientific publications;
  • reports in the field of scientific and technical activities;
  • deposited scientific works;
  • textbooks, tutorials and other scientific and educational workshops, etc.

Academic texts stored in the National Repository are subject to copyright and are protected in accordance with the law.

Resources of the National Repository are auxiliary means for conducting examination of academic texts on plagiarism.




  • Національна академія педагогічних наук України
  • DB «Technologies of Ukraine»
  • DB "Research, developmental works and dissertations of Ukraine"
  • DB «Innovative technologies and developments»
  • DB «Scientific periodicals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine»
  • DB «Scientific and technical events»