To experts

Experts are individuals who have the appropriate qualifications, special knowledge and directly carry out scientific and scientific-technical expertise.

The expert of scientific and scientific-technical expertise has the right: to freely express personal opinion on expert analysis, scientific and scientific-technical expertise; to participate in conducting expert analysis and evaluation of objects at all stages of scientific and scientific-technical expertise; to participate in the expertise or to refuse to participate in it.

In accordance with the Law "On Scientific and Scientific and Technical Expertise", an expert is obligated not to allow the disclosure of information contained in the materials of the expertise, unless otherwise provided by the contract, or an order for expertise.

For conducting an expertise, specialists who are not directly interested in the results of the expertise are invited as experts.

The Institute is developing a list of leading experts that may be requested not only for expertise in Ukraine but also abroad.

For registration a specialist who has expressed a desire to act as an expert in a particular field of science, you need to fill out an expert's questionnaire and send it to an email address at

In the process of discussing the technological process of expertise an employment contract is concluded, according to the conditions of which the expert is paid a monetary compensation, the amount of which is approved by order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine No. 1069 dated November 2, 2015.



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