Scientific activity

The Institute constantly works on improving the regulatory and scientific and organizational support of the expertise, the main results of which are developed:

  • Proposals to the Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific and Technical Expertise”.
  • Proposals to the Law of Ukraine “On the National Informatization Program”.
  • Proposals for the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the procedure for expertise in the field of informatization.  
  • “The order of the scientific and technical expertise in the SISTIE”.
  • Proposals on the development of a system of expertise of projects for the Award of the CMU for the development and implementation of new technologies.  

The scientific and methodological foundations for the preparation of the expertise and the organization of the expert survey process are systematized:

  • determination of the goals and objectives of the expertise;
  • selection of experts;
  • assessment of the professional level of the expert;
  • formation of an expert group;
  • determination of methods of expertise.


  • Національна академія педагогічних наук України
  • DB «Technologies of Ukraine»
  • DB "Research, developmental works and dissertations of Ukraine"
  • DB «Innovative technologies and developments»
  • DB «Scientific periodicals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine»
  • DB «Scientific and technical events»