Structure of NRAT


The national repository consists of a central repository maintained by the National Repository manager and local repositories supported by institutional participants.

NRAT includes the following types of academic texts in electronic form:

  • dissertation for obtaining scientific degrees and abstracts of theses;
  • qualification final works of higher education graduates;
  • articles in scientific journals, including all articles (a set of articles), on the basis of which protection a degree has been awarded;
  • monographs, including those on the basis of which the academic degree was awarded;
  • scientific publications;
  • reports in the field of scientific and scientific and technical activity;
  • deposited scientific works;
  • textbooks, teaching aids and other scientific and educational works;
  • publications published by the authors on Internet platforms for the exchange of scientific publications.

The National Repository includes all academic texts regardless of the date of their creation and publication in the order specified by the regulations.

For the systematization of academic texts of the National Repository, bibliographic information and descriptions provided by law are used.

In its activities, the National Repository may, in accordance with the law, carry out information integration with other databases, in particular, resources of open data of Ukraine and other states, bases of central executive bodies.

It is mandatory to enter to the central repository of theses and qualification final papers of applicants for higher education.

The founders (co-founders) of scientific and educational editions, their editorial offices are obliged to submit to the central repository a full bibliographic description and annotations of publications and articles that are placed in the corresponding editions, for the formation of the register of academic texts.

Higher educational institutions and scientific organizations place texts of qualifying final studies of higher education students in their local repositories and provide access to them in accordance with the regulations.

Higher educational establishments and scientific organizations place texts of dissertations for academic degree and abstracts of theses in their local repositories and submit them to the central repository.

Institutional participants who submit academic texts to the National Repository are responsible for the reliability, accuracy, and completeness of the information provided.

Individuals who are authors of academic texts receive access to the National Repository in the mode of placement of academic texts after passing the corresponding authorization in accordance with the regulations.

The free and open access of users of the National Repository to the information contained therein is through the official web portal of the National Repository.

The owner of the National Repository is the state represented by the Ministry of Education and Science, which determines the administrator of the National Repository and approves the regulations.

The National Repository Director maintains a register of academic texts that is open and contains bibliographic information about academic texts included in the central and local repositories, as well as published in electronic or paper form.

The National Repository Administrator ensures the use of the information of the repository, provides users with access to information, prepares directories, registers, analytical materials, other information resources, conducts systematization and other analytical work in accordance with the Regulations, in accordance with the legislation.




  • Національна академія педагогічних наук України
  • DB «Technologies of Ukraine»
  • DB "Research, developmental works and dissertations of Ukraine"
  • DB «Innovative technologies and developments»
  • DB «Scientific periodicals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine»
  • DB «Scientific and technical events»