Collection of the conference materials «Artificial Intelligence in Science and Education» (AISE 2024)

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ISBN 978-966-479-141-7 (online)

UDC 378: 044 : 001.37

Artificial Intelligence in Science and Education (AISE 2024). Artificial intelligence in science and education: proceedings of the international scientific conference (Київ, 1-2 березня 2024 р.) [Electronic resource] / [Ed. by: А. Iatsyshyn, V. Matusevych, V. Кvalenko]. – Kyiv, UkrISTEI, 2024. – 600 p.

Abstract. The proceedings contain scientific articles and abstracts submitted to the international scientific conference "Artificial Intelligence in Science and Education (AISE 2024), held on March 1-2, 2024.
The conference was organized by: State Scientific Organization "Ukrainian institute of scientific and technical expertise and information”, Institute of Education Digitization, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University, Southern Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky, State University "Zhytomyr Polytechnic", Office of Scholar Support, ADA University, NGO "Innovative University", Center for Information-analytical and Technical Support of Nuclear Power Facilities Monitoring of the National  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The mission of the conference is to highlight the features and areas of application of breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in scientific research, economics and educational practices. The conference became a platform for stimulating discussions, promoting cooperation between scientific institutions, higher education institutions and public scientific organizations and developing innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence for science, economics and education.
The materials submitted to the conference were considered during the work of the following sections: Artificial Intelligence in Education; Artificial Intelligence in Science; Artificial Intelligence in the Economy; Neural Networks and Machine Learning. Thde master class "GPT-store. AI Services in Training” was held within the framework of the conference.
The proceedings are addressed to everyone interested in various aspects of using artificial intelligence for education and science.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, science, education, digital technology, digitalization of science, neural networks, machine learning.



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