Round Table "The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education: ChatGPT and Beyond"

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ISBN 978-966-479-137-0 (online)

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education: ChatGPT and Beyond: Collection of Round Table Materials, June 14, 2023, Ukraine. Ed. by A. Iatsyshyn. Kyiv, UkrISTEI. 2023. 53 p.

Abstract. The collection includes materials presented by participants during the round table "The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education: ChatGPT and Beyond". The round table took place on June 14, 2023, in an online format.

The purpose of the event was to identify promising approaches to educational applications and to have expert discussions on potential ethical and safe use issues of various AI models. The number of registered participants was 1660 individuals, and over 800 participants actively took part in the event.

The round table featured a Panel Discussion. Following the panel discussion, the work of the round table continued during Session 1, where various practices of AI application in education were presented.

During Session 2, there was a presentation of Posters by the round table participants, showcasing different directions and experiences of AI application for educational purposes. Additionally, a series of training sessions (workshops) on practical application of various AI models were presented, and their implementation is planned in the near future.

During Session 3, the round table participants delivered presentations on topics such as the use of AI in the training of professionals from various fields of knowledge, AI utilization for student education, AI application in scientific research, and more. For more details on the topics of the presentations, please refer to the Program and Round Table materials.

The collection of materials from the round table includes posters highlighting the peculiarities of AI application in the educational process, as well as the presentation of experiences from different educational institutions and research establishments.

The collection is intended for anyone interested in various aspects of using artificial intelligence for educational purposes.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, digital technologies, education, professional training.



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